High-rise security requires a complete understanding of the unique challenges associated with vertical environments, such as potential evacuation procedures, entry and egress points, and collaboration with emergency personnel. The presence of identifiable security officers shapes your tenant’s opinion of building management’s commitment to safety.

Mulligan’s core services are to provide access control security and fire and life safety services for our clients in commercial real estate. Since our founding in 1992, Mulligan has been dedicated to improving on-site security for high-rise commercial office buildings, major corporate facilities, and company headquarters. Today Mulligan offers the finest private security force available for all types of access control and fire life safety protection of commercial and residential high rise buildings.

Founded and headquartered in Manhattan, no other security firm knows the New York City Metropolitan Area better than Mulligan. Unlike larger, national firms that are based out of state, this is our city, and we are experts in its laws, protocols, and challenges.