As you look into the possibility of joining our Mulligan team, it’s important to understand that we are experiencing significant and sustained growth year after year. We are humbled by our success, and there are tons of reasons why we continue to grow at this amazing rate. But at the top of any “Why We’re Successful” list is one simple truth: we have great people. Our people are not only true professionals at whatever role they fill for us, but also share our relentless passion to dramatically exceed the expectations of every customer, every single time they interact with us. Mulligan has a very strong culture with a singular focus: to always do the right thing for our clients. Your particular skill set is vitally important to us, but just as important is your mindset. The ultimate question we ask every time we go to make a hiring decision is: will the candidate fit our culture?

So — you might see a job listed here that you feel is a perfect fit for you. Great: please fill out the application for that position, and feel free to attach a cover letter and resume. But if you don’t see something that looks like a perfect fit, please don’t just throw in the towel. By all means fill out the generic application at the bottom of our list of open positions. Then please attach a note as to why you want to be here and what you feel you have to offer. It might surprise you to know that a lot of our successful team members were “opportunity hires” who, at the time they applied, didn’t perfectly line up with an advertised job opening. We looked at their skill set, got creative and figured out what they could bring to the table that would help us grow.