Mulligan specializes in providing managed security and logistical staffing services for the transportation and shipping industry as well as high-rise residential and commercial buildings. Augment your team with select inventory and inspection duties while enhancing our ability to properly oversee and secure your entire site.

Whether you manage a luxury high-rise, millions of square feet of prime commercial, loading dock or a rail yard, our management team will design and post order duties to match your business’s needs and assign guards who are well-qualified to deliver.

Our logistical services include assisting in docking designation; keeping accurate timing; tracking and maintaining logs for the arrival and departure of vehicles, materials and equipment; managing shipping inventory; mail and package receiving and conducting full inspections of all inbound and outbound deliveries and vehicles. As part of our vehicle inspections, we’ll check the driver’s name, document the front and back license plate, and ensure that nothing un-authorized is leaving. For reefer trucks, we’ll also inspect and log the refrigeration temperatures to ensure your shipment is being delivered per specification.

$10 billion a year is stolen at shipping & receiving docks in the U.S.,
how can you protect your operations?

What can
you do?

Especially since the 2004 Hours of Service working rules change, warehouses and distribution centers are more concerned than ever with the speed at which they load or unload a truck. Unfortunately, this focus on loading speed also makes trucks and receiving docks more vulnerable to theft and pilferage.


Restrict access to your shipping and receiving areas: This is the point of vulnerability, where confusion and opportunity may meet and allow thieves an opportunity. Mulligan Security ensures everyone in the area has proper identification and is authorized to be there.

Secure your storage areas:

  • We manage your security partitions, cages, secure storage lockers, or mini security cages to lock up things that are particularly desirable to thieves as quickly as possible when they are received. Keep them locked up until you must unlock them before shipping.
  • We employ pallet racking and shelving into secure areas that we control. We ensure cargo is moved from receiving into these secure devices as soon as possible. On the shipping side, move it from them into trucks in the same, efficient manner.
  • We never let anything sit around the dock doors unattended and unlocked.
  • We monitor all door and window locks. When they aren’t being used for business reasons or safety reasons, they are locked!

    Involvement in the process:

    • A presence at the docks: Nothing is more effective than being there, watching, and participating. By staffing the docks, talking and engaging to make it known that we know who visitors are and what they’re doing. This doesn’t have to be an onerous process; we train our security team that friendly conversations work best. Criminals play a percentage game. If the percentages shift, even a little, they may be deterred. This is particularly true in the case of casual thieves who take easy pickings but avoid riskier thefts. Make it risky by creating a culture of honesty among the people at the docks. The presence of security will help to do that and make them wary for days.
    • Make sure merchandise isn’t left unattended for extended periods of time. It’s folly to allow valuable inventory to stack up, unwatched, in the receiving department. We get it loaded into storage or to distribution as soon as possible. For those periods when you can’t load higher risk shipments into normal storage, look to solutions such as portable, lockable security carts that can stow it away safely wherever it sits. This works even in shipping operations, since you can have our security employee unlock it when trucks arrive. If it’s palletized, we will shrink wrap it so that getting at it requires more effort and more visibility.
    • We employ a method of seals that are difficult to reseal once they’ve been broken: Such tools as self-voiding tape and water gum tape make it hard for thieves to hide what they’ve done. If they break a carton seal, it’s visible.
    • We will manage your electronic security systems and surveillance. You can monitor movements in the warehouse using these tools. Your insurance company will most likely provide better rates to you if you employ us, and they are great deterrence.
    • In the end, a combination of common-sense tactics, solid operational processes, awareness and our staff can significantly cut your chance of losses.