Mulligan believes that our two greatest assets are our employees and our reputation. We are proud to serve our clients on a daily basis with the most professional, qualified and best trained security professionals in the industry. We know our employees because we take the time to properly hire them and train them. Very few security firms can say that the security teams they assign to clients are hand-picked, but Mulligan can. We know that our continued success depends on remaining loyal to our clients as we adhere to these standards.

Mulligan, a Protos Company, ensures that our senior managers are not just names on the corporate letterhead; they are actively involved in the daily operations of the company. Due to this, every decision is made in adherence to our founding principles and customers can trust that they’ll receive consistent service. This also means we have the flexibility to adapt and meet any security need or issue that may arise.

We are committed to growing smarter, not faster. This has instilled a high level of trust and commitment between Mulligan’s leadership and its employees. The company continues to reflect its founding values and, to us, this means the world.


Diversity, inclusion and social mobility are at the heart of what we do at Mulligan. Hiring talented people from a variety of backgrounds and experiences improves the diversity of thought, creativity and problem solving with our organization. Diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords in order to attract and retain talent. Rather, we strive to develop a culture that supports diversity at the recruitment stage and beyond.

Today’s employees are very aware of the types of organizations they’d like to work for. Key for millennials entering the workforce is an organization that shares their values. Diversity and inclusion are among them, however, according to PwC research, over half of millennials do not feel that opportunities for growth or assignment are equal, despite the fact that those same companies are talking about diversity. As the largest local security, life and safety employer in the tri-state area, we need to address this if we are to continue to attract the talent we’ll need in the future.

Once you’ve started to build a diverse and inclusive team, it’s vital to continue with a culture that supports it. People need to see what they can be from the moment they join your company. They can then aspire to progress through the management structure, secure in the knowledge that the organization is interested in developing their individual talent.

At Mulligan Security, we strive to ensure diversity and inclusion are embedded within our culture.

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