At Mulligan, we offer the most highly trained and knowledgeable officers. We provide both armed and unarmed, standing or mobile, officers to a multitude of property types. All of our officers are well-trained, seasoned, and licensed. Our officers not only receive initial and ongoing training in general security topics, such as power to arrest, observe and report, terrorism and WMD awareness, fire watch, communications, patrol, CPR/first aid, and more; but also complete instruction on post-specific services, such as visitor logs for reception and lobby access, issuance of ticket warnings for parking lots and inventory/truck logs for shipping and loading docks. Further, prior to hiring, all employees are excessively screened through use of a strength focused interview, criminal background check and drug screening.

Our officers offer exceptional security services to a diverse clientele, from luxury condominiums and rentals to corporate and multi-use buildings. 
Mulligan has built its reputation by specializing in specific areas of private security. Our practices in Access Control, Guarding Services, Fire Life Safety Services, and Executive Protection were built from the ground up, by experts in their fields who have decades of real-world experience in the highest levels of law enforcement and firefighting.
Mulligan was started, and remains based, in Manhattan. In New York City, we provide high-rise security and fire and life safety better than anyone else. We know how to coordinate with local authorities to comply with regulations and best practices, because our employees have written and enforced these practices. When it comes to protecting your tenants, your personnel, and your property, you need a partner who understands that New York City is a special place, with security concerns unlike any other city in the world.

Our team is here for your security



  • Reception and Lobby
  • Shopping Centers
  • Commuter Terminals
  • Medical Facilities
  • Warehouses and Docks
  • Parking Lots
  • Gated Communities
  • Office Buildings
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Private Events
Our veteran executive team sets very high standards for our staff. Our firm is only as good as the people we assign to protect our clients. Security officers are highly-visible representatives of our clients who interact with the public each day. The level of professionalism, effectiveness, and courtesy they display reflects heavily on our clients’ companies, buildings, tenants, and people. Finding the best-qualified candidates is always a challenge. It takes a special kind of person to meet all of our criteria.
Once we find the right candidates, we train them in our specially-designed in-house curriculum, where we provide training above and beyond what is required by law. Our fully-accredited and licensed program was designed to prepare our officers in the field to provide the highest level of customer service, dedication and protection.